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Why Backflow Preventers need to be inspected?

  • Posted on: 04, 27, 2018
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I thought these were inspected at the factory?  

Even if the backflow Preventers were inspected at the factory, they still need to be inspected upon installation, after repairs are made, or annually (High Hazard Assemblies)

This is just a way for the city to make money?

In Most cases, the Cities and Water Providers are not making money on the backflow compliance program.  The Cities and Water Companies have costs associated with being compliant with the TCEQ and EPA rules.  There are also many liabilities that the Cities and Water Providers are responsible for when a backflow Incident occurs and people get sick or have to go with out water for extended periods of time, reference Corpus Christie Texas.

Its working fine?

The Backflow Preventer is working fine, why does it need to be tested?  To be clear, With out a set of differential pressure gauges you can not understand if the backflow preventer is working to keep your water safe or not.  With out Periodic Inspections you simply have a very expensive piece of pipe or equipment with no knowledge of effectiveness or protection.  Remember, the purpose of the backflow preventer is to protect against contamination of the water supply one tap at a time.

We have been here 20 Years and never had to have it inspected before?

There has been an increase enforcement effort on local and state water suppliers in recent years, but these laws have been established for many years.  We have had very high profile water catastrophes in recent years, (Flint Michagan and Corpus Christie, Texas) that has brought the attention to our water distribution centers weaknesses and short comings.  We all understand that we as a country should have some of the safest water in the world.  But, unfortunately that does not seem to be the case at this time.

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